Pilots use checklists to make sure all systems are ready for a successful and safe flight.

Your checklist should include items like the following to make sure the resulting photos and videos show off your property in the best possible way.


  1. No cars in the driveway or in front if possible. Garage doors closed.
  2. Trashcans and other temporary or personal items out of view.
  3. People should not be in the shot.
  4. Lawns mowed, landscape maintained.
  5. Decks clean and swept.
  6. Lawn furniture neatly organized, any umbrellas open.
  7. Roof and gutters clean (leaves, pine needles, etc.).
  8. Pets secured and not in view.
  9. Neighbors told about shooting in advance.
  10. Permission from neighbors if necessary to fly over.


  1. Staging complete.
  2. No clutter, minimal personal items (notes on fridge, etc.)
  3. All lights on.
  4. Doors open fully or closed. Doorstops if necessary.
  5. Windows and curtains arranged, open or closed as desired.
  6. Minimize direct sun coming in.
  7. No people or pets in view.
  8. Preferred interior tour route planned in advance.